About me: My name is Lauryn, and I’m both married and work full time.
My life is busy, which doesn’t leave me a whole lot of time for cooking. I love finding new recipes and sharing them with others.

About my cooking: The only thing I enjoy more than cooking food is eating it. So as much as I love to cook, I don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen. The recipes I use are simple to make and don’t require you to clean out the bank account just to buy groceries! I grew up on Tex-Mex, so don’t be surprised to find that playing a big role in my cooking.

On an unrelated note… I can never get enough pasta.




Where did you learn to cook? Partly from watching my mom growing up, but mostly from trial and error on my own. I’ve done a lot of cooking both during and post-college.

What three words best describe your cooking style? Let’s see… uncomplicated, personal, and economical.

What is your favorite recipe to make? It’s a toss-up between Casa Ole Green Sauce and Mom’s Mexican Casserole… Both look really disgusting as you’re making them, but they come out beautiful and oh so tasty! (Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing these recipes here.)

What is your favorite recipe you’ve never made? Definitely my Grandma’s Chicken Strata — It’s my favorite meal, but I’ve never actually made it myself. I’ll definitely be tackling that at some point.

Which kitchen gadget/utensil can you not live without? My cutting mats… I use them for everything from cutting veggies to rolling out pizza dough to keeping my counters clean.

Which kitchen gadget/utensil are you most like? Probably the timer, because I’m frequently just ready to finish up and move on to the next thing. Like eating!!


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